No museum pieces

When I was a sophomore in college I took an art course. I already knew from painful experience in my previous school art classes I had no talent for it. I may have done it because my roommate that year was an art major.

I didn’t do very well, but it was a welcome break from the other courses, such as math, I was taking. I never missed a class, and I worked hard on my final project, which I recall was a tile print of some sort. I forget the lingo you call it by. The most embarrassing experience was the week we had to draw a model. My drawing was a stick woman with no clothes on.

I got a B in the course, so I was happy about that. It ruined my perfect 4.0 grade point average I maintained at the time. For some perverse reason I remain glad I took the course.

In the immortal words of Tom Cruise in Risky Business–sometimes, you just have to say what the fuck.

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  1. I think that even for the less talented among us, and I am less talented than almost everyone, there exists a need for some sort of artistic expression.

  2. Artistic expression is a uniquely human endeavor. Art is anything that is not natural. A spoon and fork is art, the Grand canyon isn’t.

    As humans, we can be hungry and not eat, or starved and refuse food. What makes us human, is what is not natural.

    We can make art, and refuse food.

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