New Treasury Secretary

Henry Paulson will succeed John Snow as Treasury Secretary. The change is meaningless.

The Treasury Secretary has no clout within the Bush Administration. The Secretary must promote politically motivated economic policies originating from the White House, and otherwise keep out of the way.

As has been reported and discussed, those economic policies include tax cuts for the wealthy, big government spending to support special business interests and privileged classes, and slashing programs that benefit low and middle income workers.

Continue to keep both eyes and both hands on your wallet.

Published in: on May 30, 2006 at 10:43 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. New Secretary of Treasury, Yawn.

  2. Renegade Eye,

    In fact, zzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. My daughter is going off to college this fall. In an act of depravity, Congress has raised interest rates on student loans to historic highs at the same time they have reduced taxes for the richest people and corporations on the planet.

    I’ll be working tirelessly to defeat my Republican rep, who hasn’t represented me for a loooong time.

  4. epm,

    Good luck with defeating your Rep and with the soaring costs of college.

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