Identity theft, love, and longing

I was sitting in the back of a cab going to O’Hare airport on my way to Las Vegas at five AM in the morning, when I became concerned that I was a victim of identity theft. I was checking my e-mails. I had four from Western Union saying that my transfer of $250 was complete. I had not made any transfers with Western Union. I did not even have an account with them.

I checked with Western Union after getting my boarding pass at the airport. The transfers had been made against a credit card held by another person with my name living in the United States. The customer service person at Western Union recommended I check my credit cards for charges all the same. I did not have time to do it before I boarded my flight. That ruined the flight because all I could think about was having no credit when I got to Vegas and only a few hundred dollars in traveler’s checks and cash in my pocket. Once in Las Vegas, I checked my bank balances, and called my credit card companies. I was safe.

That left me free to think about whether I would see her, the love of my life, in Las Vegas after many years of being apart. She is notorious to me for not showing up. I did see her; I was surprised.

Now, I cannot get her off my mind this morning. I would give anything if she were thinking about me, if only to satisfy my desire for company as I sort my way through these confused and sorry thoughts. I do not fool myself; she does not.

My life is a long list of things left incomplete or undone. There is no sense in giving her top priority atop the mess. Whether love comes again, or with her, is not high on the priority list. Love is where you find it and you never know when or where you will find it.

The racket from the demolition across the street has started again. It quashes my concentration. I have a feeling it will obliterate memories of her soon, for at least the day anyway.

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