An acquaintance, an intelligent well read man actually, walked into the bar, stood next to me, saw the book I was reading, The Common Sense of Politics by Mortimer J. Adler, read the opening paragraph, and then said to me that he no longer reads my blog because my writing is pretentious. He said I should write more angrily and reflect the real me. He also said I should write my own book, or something like that. Then he walked out without even ordering a drink.

Let’s assume my pretension camouflages my anger. I suppose I should curb my anger before worrying about the pretentiousness, or I could just not worry about it.

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  1. Lynn, what a pretentious acquaintance! Not to mention rude and arrogant. On top of that a pseudo-psychoanalyzing kind. They are the worst.

    The concept of pretentiousness is a dead-end. Measured against what? Basically the concept when thrown at someone is a product of good ole Nietzschean ressentiment.

    But of course, you know all about that.

  2. Orla,

    My natural reaction when confronted like that is apathy.

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