Iraq: freedom, anarchy, and democracy

The invasion of Iraq changed that country from a dictatorship to an anarchical state. I wonder how many Iraqis would gladly trade anarchy for a dictatorship more benign than Saddam’s. A period of relative safety and peace joined with some economic improvement might tempt many people.

The injustice of creating a state of anarchy for the Iraqis through blind ambition, ignorance of the work and time it takes to build a democratic state, and incompetence and corruption on a massive scale ought to leave its mark on the minds of Americans. I wonder if it will though. Saying you are for freedom and democracy masks more convenient motives such as assuring your own economic interests are taken care of and creating a state of fear that bodes well for your own political aspirations.

Let us assume the future for Iraq remains bright; that is, Iraq will pass from dictatorship, through anarchy, and then democracy. A question that ought to be asked is whether there was a better way, a way where the toll of human misery was greatly lessened. Or will the mistake be repeated whenever the convenience for an outside conquerer coincides with democracy building?

In one sense the U.S. has created the ultimate in freedom for Iraqis–anarchy. You cannot get anymore free than that.

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