No Country for Old Men

I started reading No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy on Saturday. I liked it right from the first few pages. Sunday afternoon, I saw a trailer on TV that said the Coen Brothers have adapted the book into a movie. Wow, the best of both worlds: McCarthy and the Coen brothers.

My good friend Steve is an avid McCarthy reader. He thought the book was good, yet not up to McCarthy standards. I don’t know about that. On the surface it is a good crime novel, but that is like saying Blood Meridian is a good western tale. As crime novels go, McCarthy proves once again he is a genius.

At any rate, I have another book that I wished I would have written: No Country for Old Men. That’s my highest praise for a book.

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  1. I absolutely loved The Road, and plan on reading more of McCarthy’s stuff. As you said, clearly a genius.

  2. Curtis,

    The Road is next on my list of his books.

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