Hard to tell

I’m sitting in the Starbuck’s on the corner of State and Delaware, drinking coffee, and playing Internet chess on my iPhone against people all over the world. Life is good. I wonder if this officially makes me a coffeehouse chess bum.

I’m also thinking about this woman who may love me again. I’m imagining moving to a place where I could see her often. It’s like a sports bet and a chess move rolled into one.

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  1. What an image of modern digital man, Lynn, and yet so ancient. In a coffee shop using global fast communication playing a slow game that was always local.

    But also a sign of the times: As you know coffee houses in the 1700’s were really the beginning of political man creating a space for resistance to autocratic monopoly of communication.

    Now we are not talking to the person next to us, but playing with a guy on the other side of the globe, yes: playing a game, but not discussing politics.

    And yet you would give up everything for love. Now that hasn’t changed. Ever.

  2. Orla,

    As I recall, Habermas has written about the 18th Century coffeehouse political phenomenon.

    There is something about chess that creates a community. I was playing a guy from Scotland in an Internet chess tournament these past two weeks and he invited me to join his chess team. I might join it if I can manage even more games than I am playing right now.

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