Winter Afternoon Daydream

For M. shortly before Valentine’s Day 2008

Winter Afternoon Daydream

The collected poems
of Raymond Carver sit
beside the chessboard
which sits beside the
computer. Sometimes,
I think those three things
are all I want. Then
I look out the window at
the falling snow and recall
I want her love too.

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Snow; metaphors

Today, it started out spring-like. I wore my spring jacket when I went out. Then the temperature dropped and a foul north wind blew in bringing blinding snow with it too. Weather is a metaphor for life. That’s why I love it so these days.

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Ripped and torn day

This is the time of year when I think I will never write again. What I’d do after that, I don’t know. Most anything, except starving on the street seems better.

But tomorrow is ripped and torn day because I will write one more year. My jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirt will be falling apart even though they will be clean. They will look as tacky you can get. It’s winter in Chicago and you should celebrate it exactly like that when you decide to write one more year.

I’ll write my serious thing early in the morning. Then I will work on a love poem I want to give to someone, a love poem that may take years to write, but she is a long term project.

Happy ripped and torn day.

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In the laundry room in Chicago on Sunday night

OK, I made a bad mistake. I decided to wash a load of laundry on Sunday night in the laundry room in my building. Of course, there is somebody who has decided to wash every stitch of clothing and linen she owns down there tonight. She goes about it exquisitly and meticulously slowly, blocking everything and everyone.

And damn, it’s late.

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There is something pristine about a chess board setup before anyone has made a move. Everything seems possible. Then things get complicated. Before you know it, you are losing. At the end, when you lose, you tip over your king and shake hands with your opponent.

Could love be like that?

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One of the hardest parts about writing is refraining from writing about things you shouldn’t. But I promise to do a good job at that today. That is why this post is about nothing, for all I want to write are the things I shouldn’t.

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Requiem for a Heavyweight at the Shattered Globe Theater

I saw the Shattered Globe Theater’s production of Rod Serling’s Requiem for a Heavyweight last week. It has received uniformly excellent reviews. Now, I know why.

If you are looking for good theater at a great price in a comfortable and intimate setting, get your ticket to Requiem for a Heavyweight at the Shattered Globe Theater before they are all gone. It is a very special show.

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Bobby: Hit and Run

Bobby Fischer died last week. I doubt if the death of any other chess player would make front page news such as his did. According to chess grandmasters, he was certifiably one of the all-time chess geniuses. His eccentricities, especially his spite and hate, did him in.

Angelo Dundee once remarked that we never saw Mohammed Ali fight in his prime because those were the years he was barred from boxing. Such is the case with Fischer who declined to defend his title after beating Spaasky.

I wonder how many brilliant chess games were played by Bobby against Bobby in his head or on his travel chess set. What if he played on the Internet under a different name? Can you imagine getting run over at the chess board by one of the greats?

I will always remember 1972 when Bobby won the championship. It seemed as if everyone was playing chess. You could easily find a game no matter where you went.

Now, we have the age of the computer which can beat the best human players at chess. As long as the rare chess genius comes along, it does not matter.

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It’s been cold in Chicago. I feel it more in my soul than I ever could in my body.

My patience grows weary waiting for love.

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These words; these moves

These words are akin to a move in a chess game. Once published, they cannot be retracted. Praise might follow good words. The writer must forget bad words, for they are a lost position and opportunity, and attempt to make a good move next time around.

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My ghost

This blog hangs around me like a ghost. I still write for it, but cannot force myself to hit the publish button. If I died today, I wonder how long these words would remain in the WordPress database. My soul will not survive my death, but my words will linger for awhile.

The site where I play chess maintains a database of games and opening moves of the more highly rated players. You can view my game history. If you track an opening line of play, you might stumble upon one of my games. Here too, I wonder how long my chess history will survive after I am gone.

My ghost haunts all kinds of places.

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Frigid and Nonchalant

Dear Everybody,

So, it’s frigid in Chicago tonight. I heard from a friend it is supposed to warm up to spring-like weather by Saturday. Isn’t it pretty to think so.

So it’s the new year. I hear it is supposed to be OK. I am sure it will be for me. I’ve always been lucky. I hope it is too for the people less fortunate than me.

The one thing I wish for this year is that I could feel neutral, nonchalant, about these two women I know. It could happen. I’ve always been lucky.

Here’s wishing you all the best in the new year, and if you need to feel nonchalant, I hope you can do it.



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