Bobby: Hit and Run

Bobby Fischer died last week. I doubt if the death of any other chess player would make front page news such as his did. According to chess grandmasters, he was certifiably one of the all-time chess geniuses. His eccentricities, especially his spite and hate, did him in.

Angelo Dundee once remarked that we never saw Mohammed Ali fight in his prime because those were the years he was barred from boxing. Such is the case with Fischer who declined to defend his title after beating Spaasky.

I wonder how many brilliant chess games were played by Bobby against Bobby in his head or on his travel chess set. What if he played on the Internet under a different name? Can you imagine getting run over at the chess board by one of the greats?

I will always remember 1972 when Bobby won the championship. It seemed as if everyone was playing chess. You could easily find a game no matter where you went.

Now, we have the age of the computer which can beat the best human players at chess. As long as the rare chess genius comes along, it does not matter.

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  1. I remember ’72 as well. Masters playing crowds of 20 in department stores etc.

  2. Yeah that was amazing, playing 20 people at once and winning all of them. He made his moves fast too.

    Searching for Bobby Fischer is one of my favorite all-time flicks.

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