Snow; metaphors

Today, it started out spring-like. I wore my spring jacket when I went out. Then the temperature dropped and a foul north wind blew in bringing blinding snow with it too. Weather is a metaphor for life. That’s why I love it so these days.

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  1. I’m from Minnesota. I don’t need snow metaphors.

    • I dont need em either. I’m from Massachusetts.

      • hello!

  2. I need snow metaphors not snow poems! dam

    • damn u too dumb assssssssssssssssss

  3. Weather metaphors are powerful ways to describe mood. Snow is cold, covers up, silences, keeps some people trapped indoors. Snow kills people. Snow can also blanket the house and keep it snug and safe from the wind. Snow falls are memorable – extra days home from school. Describing weather in stories brings the character of a place alive. Gabriel Garcia Marquez effectively uses weather in all his stories.

  4. I need snow poems with metaphors in them.

    • I have no idea of what to say about snow metaphors. Guess what, i need some ideas too!!!!!!!! Someone please reply and give me some

  5. Snow sucks.

    • Bullshit

  6. bullshit

  7. you guys suck telling snow metaphors heres one snow is a playground for kids to make snow angel now someone replay and tell me a good one that starts with snow is!

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