Valentine’s Day 2008

Things always tend to even out with me. The lonely nights, for instance, are balanced against the spectacular nights. Tonight, I’ll be dining with V. Dining with V is always a special event. You get to look into her eyes, the kind of eyes you get lost in.

Of course, we must get her car emission tested before that. I suspect doing that will be spectacular too.

Yes, I’ll be dining with V and she’ll be my special Valentine. If nothing else, I am very lucky.

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  1. I totally forgot about the car emissions testing! How you always remember this stuff is beyond me! But I don’t think we can do that today… I got into work late (overslept), so I can’t leave in time to get to the testing place before it closes. Raincheck? Sheesh, I can’t believe I’m writing about emissions testing on your blog…

  2. V,

    I’m crushed about the emission test. I thought we were friends. I will give you a rain check though. Now, you know how badly smitten I am.

    I’ll see you later. Take a power nap at lunch.

  3. No napping for me. Stupid lunch presentation on new technology/engineering of green roofs. I hate nature. 😦

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