another endgame

He is 28 years old and sitting in Toscana, Italy. He stares at the camera in the picture of him sitting at his computer playing Internet chess. He is an attractive man with a bright smile with dark hair cut short. We have played our game since November 30 of last year. My rook and bishop battle his lone rook in the endgame. I form a vague plan to force his king into a corner, yet I do not see the moves.

At first I hated his persistence for playing on after being a bishop down. Now, I have grown to admire it. We play with will and persistence and hope not to be the next player to make a mistake. I see the hours, days, and months ahead as we waltz around the board together.

I see myself traveling the world to play the souls I have met on the Internet. They’ll ask me why I did it. I’ll tell them I love their game and had to meet the person who created this beauty in my life. They’ll see in my eyes I’m trying to mend a broken heart when we say goodbye.

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  1. You see yourself playing chess with the people you meet on the internet, and I see myself fighting celebrities that I hate.

    Is that weird?

  2. Weird indeed. Oh well, everything about us is strange. It is part of our incredible attractiveness.

  3. yeah. we certainly are strange. and attractive. but you know that already. you just better be ready Wednesday.

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