All my life I have seen a woman well hidden in shadow. Now that she has stepped into the light, I see why. Her hair and eyes are dark. She dresses herself in black. The darkness gloriously accentuates the pearly whiteness of her skin.

I must possess her, if only a little part of her and for a little time. I am not ashamed. I would betray her and myself if I did not admit the object of my desire. Possession is merely another part of my love.

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  1. Lynn, thank you for the moving tribute to (not only) the pleasure (or need) of possession, but also to Emily Dickinson.

    This blogging business is strange. I feel I know you so well, yet we live in worlds apart.

    Let me quote to you a few lines from Delueze’s A Thousand Plateaus (1980) in its first section about the rhizome,

    The American singer Patti Smith sings the Bible of American dentists, “Don’t look for the roots, follow the canals”.

    Isn’t this what we all should be doing?

  2. Orla,

    It is a pleasure hearing from you again. I feel as though I know you also. One of the pleasures of blogging for me is meeting people like you and connecting at various levels.

    Thanks for the quotation. I agree. That is what should all be doing.

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