I am playing chess at the bar. She walks in with her big smile that melts me every time. She sits next to me. She grabs my attention to complete distraction. My opponent senses the game will go on forever because my attention is riveted on her. He suggests blitz chess. We play fast. I win because she’s there and I want to devote the rest of my evening to her alone.

She gives me my own copy of Calvino, which she purchased over the weekend. She has inscribed the inside front cover. I am touched to the core. I have something special to carry with me all the rest of my life.

We leave the bar. We talk far into the night. I tell her what I have been thinking about us over the weekend. I want to shred Part B of The Plan. She’s amenable to it. We make hazy plans for the future.

This morning, I am writing again. I see a man riding on a train headed for a small town. He has rugged good looks like Nick Nolte. That’s all I can make out.

Did I tell you? V’s eyes shine in the dark. When we kiss long, they change expression. Her eyes tell me she wants me badly. She tells me my eyes change from pale blue in the light to darker hues as the light fades.

It seems as though I could sit across the table and gaze into her eyes forever. I write these words feeling a white heat inside me.

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