A Rape

Let’s take it to the limit tonight, even if you are not in the mood.

Sunday afternoon. Summer 1968. Vietnam. Why I make this confession now, I do not know. I thought I would carry it with me to the grave without anyone knowing. But I will tell the truth.

We had the afternoon off. We left our base looking for marijuana and prostitutes. We found a whorehouse off the beaten track. My woman was a girl who could not have been more than 16 years old.

When I could not penetrate her gently, I roughly thrust myself into her. I watched the pain on her face until I could not take it anymore. I removed myself from her without finishing. She was a virgin. Her blood stained the sheet. The house Madame had watched us. She berated the girl until I intervened on her behalf.

The Madame found me an experienced woman who finished me well. Then we left.

One of our party caught VD during our expedition. Use a condom they always told us. Yes, use a condom and then absolutely everything will be alright.

All these years I have known I raped a teenage girl even if she was a prostitute and I paid her. My shame and remorse torture me. I deserve much worse than that.

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