Calvino’s uses an interesting vocabulary, yet not an exotic one. It strikes me as one tending toward the abstract rather than the concrete. My vocabulary might resemble his when my mind is working properly. However, the inventiveness of his metaphors and the way he uses them seems a conjurer’s trick. His dissecting of the universe and listing of its contents startle. His characters negotiate the improbable with ease; he makes you believe life is exactly so.

In If on a winter’s night a traveler, the fate of two readers become enmeshed because of the books they read. The uncanny resemblance to V and me intrigues me. V reads me; I read her. She calls herself chaos sometimes. I read chaos slowly looking for patterns and clues that might unravel the intrigue. Yet I do not want to know; chaos would not be chaos if understood. She teaches me to enjoy chaos.

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  1. Welcome to the dark side.

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