I said to hell with it this morning and began the narrative of my new novel. No more waiting for sounds from the ether. The novel does not exist for me until the hardest work, the second draft, is completed. There is no sense in dallying or dawdling during the first draft. I will make the first draft spare, and cast my net wide, yet not deep. I will put all manner of things in it the second time around. If by some miracle it should be published, I will dedicate it to V, the woman who inspires me. My goal for this book will be to write that dedication to V.

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  1. Keep writing. There is a certain “letting go” required to write the draft.
    Need more inspiration?
    You should check out _Bird by Bird_ by Anne Lamott.

  2. Jacqueline,

    I have read Bird by Bird. Every now and then I return it when I am in the doldrums.

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