The journal called State Street

I was startled to discover the other day that State Street has survived for three and one half years. I fear to go back and read those entries from its beginning. It has undergone many changes in subject and tone since I started. I regret parts of State Street, yet I am not ashamed of it when I was at my best.

State Street has turned wildly personal now. I was about ready to give up State Street at the beginning of the year until I met V. She asked me for the address of it so she could read something when she was bored at work. Now, these posts, in their paltry way, are a labor of love because she reads them. Almost overnight V has dispelled my lonely years of longing. Fate is sometimes our bane, yet also presents us with our greatest joys.

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  1. And let me just take this moment to say “thank you” for all the posts and wonderful writing you have been doing lately. I wouldn’t be able to survive my workday away from you without them!

  2. I am happy they help. I always feel close to you no matter what I write.

  3. I love you, Lynn.

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