Everybody needs somebody, somebody like you.
We all want somebody. Hey, what about you?

Bryan Adams, Somebody

Did I mention it before? When I am with V it does not feel as though she is 35 years younger than me. She tells me the same. Every moment with her is a special moment in my life. Yet people’s perceptions about us and what we are doing vary. Just when I think some of my friends have accepted us as a couple, I find out differently and painfully.

For my own part, my ability to look at us objectively is long past. I am on the inside of a wonderful world that I cannot describe accurately when I am with her. Sometimes, I want to say to friends, you don’t understand. I suppose some of them would like to say the same to me.

The world abounds in unhappy or even toxic love affairs and age difference between the lovers has nothing to do with it. The world is full of lonely people who wish they could find somebody who makes them feel wonderful all the time as V does me. My times without her are filled with longing and impatient anticipation to see her again.

It seems an absurdity, but I believe some people actually want me to return to the lonely state I was in before I met V. How could I possibly do that and say that life has meaning and happiness all the same? What kind of fool would I be to turn ecstasy into despair?

When I first started in with V, I suspected things might go this way. I knew I would have to build a bubble that shielded me from other’s contradictory claims for my happiness. People tell me they want my happiness, yet refuse to see my happiness is beside me when I am with V.

I cannot do anything but love V. Behind the emotion, there is logic in the exercise.

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