Spinoza’s Ethics and category theory

I was thinking about category theory and Spinoza’s Ethics yesterday. What if one recast his Ethics in category theoretic terms? Would the notion go somewhere.

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  1. I didn’t study spinoza much, but I glanced at it and I’ve always wondered: To what extent did Spinoza’s writing contribute to the tone of enlightenment and modern mathematics?

    It’s been taken for granted for a long time that math texts must be organized in a format of definitions and theorems, with a theorem as a formal statement followed by a formal suggestion of proof, all connected by sparse prose.

    Did this mood come partly from Spinoza and the way that he organized ideas in a completely different context, in the context of theology?

    If so, maybe a reworking of the ideas in the language of categories could be a strong and liberating statement about the plasticity of form in Mathematics.

    In any case, I believe that Mathematics, like music will assert itself in each generation as a fundamentally creative discipline.

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