The woman in the blue print dress

Let us say you are imagining a world.  You are trying to make a narrative out of it.  Some of the people in that world interest you more than others.  A woman in her twenties is one of them.  She has a favorite dress, a flowery blue print dress.  She wears it on Saturday nights on those rare occasions when she goes to the town dance or the movies.  The dress hints at the subtle and delicious curves of her body.  Men want her when she wears that dress in a way they do not when she wears her normal workday clothes.

That is not the problem though.  You must find out what this woman believes.  What answers would she give to philosophical problems about god, free will, and virtue?  You may know this woman as an object of desire when she wears her blue print dress, but you do not know her if you do not know the temper of her philosophical mind.  Discovering the temper might scare you because you do not know the temper of your own philosophical mind if you have one, or you might not even care.

You imagine yourself gazing at her across the dance floor of the Legion Hall on a Saturday night.  You want to ask her to dance.  Yet you are afraid she will find you a mindless oaf.  You begin to think about courage.  What you do not yet realize is that you may have found a way into her heart.  She glances at you when you not looking.  She likes your shyness even though she does not yet know from whence it arises.

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