Risky and wide open

When you play the white pieces and King’s Gambit opening, you are quite simply down a pawn on the third move of the game, but you also have the prospect of a wide open risky game, the kind of game that gives a little adrenaline rush. Those are the kind of games that most chess players like even if they will not admit it. King’s Gambit was a standard opening during the Romantic era of chess back in 19th century. When you study the games from that era, you discover wild games with big sacrifices beyond the gift of a pawn. Sometimes the person playing the white pieces gives up two pawns and a piece with nothing apparent for compensation.

Fischer studied those games from the Romantic era and refined them into modern chess strategy. He played 3. Bc4 whenever he could, which is a big throw back to the Romantic era, a move fraught with danger as far as I can tell. I have played it and royally screwed it up.

My romance with V is like those King’s Gambit openings. I start way behind. All I have is faith in myself to figure it out before the game is over. My ego guides me.

Yes. Risky. Wide open. The bigger the reward the greater the risk.

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