Quitting smoking VI

State Street has hit a new low with this quitting smoking boring ass shit. However, the nicotine cravings come in short bursts lasting several minutes. The cravings block all thought except the desire for cigarettes. Of course, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances ever known. Nicotine controls the mind. Nicotine makes slaves of people. I should never have become a slave to nicotine in the first place.

I hate cigarettes. Fuck you, cigarettes. Leave me the fuck alone, cigarettes. I never want to see you again, fucking cigarettes. That gives you an idea of the mood I am in right now.

I have no idea why the cravings won’t leave me alone for just a little bit today. I just totally fucking hate the way I feel right now. Quitting smoking really hurts. I ain’t kidding either. Yes, this is another day when State Street is even more boring than usual, but dammit we are quitting smoking.

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