Topoi and when I am without her

I woke up yesterday morning with the overwhelming urge to study some mathematics. I resisted the urge until the afternoon. Then I began reading Goldblatt’s Topoi, a book I have been meaning to delve into for sometime.

When I take up a mathematics text, I have several things in mind. I want to learn something new. The subject matter must tweak my curiosity. The text has to be difficult enough to impress my acquaintances, which means it should probably be pitched at the graduate mathematics level. (Yes, I am egotistical when it comes to that.) The text has to be sufficiently interesting to take me to a different place as a good novel takes me to a different world.

I was sitting at the bar with V and friends last night. While they conversed, I read Topoi. I felt perfectly comfortable doing it even though it may have appeared rude to some. So there I was trying to balance my desire for V, my duty to be gregarious, and my curiosity to learn about topoi. I was drinking hard too. Bats were beginning to accumulate in the belfry.

V and I went to my place. Thoughts of topoi disappeared. We watched part of a Battlestar Galactica episode. Then we went to bed.

I have grown accustomed to sleeping with V. I love waking up in the morning with her next to me. The nights when we do not sleep together or when I do not see her at all are rather long and lonely. When she is not here, it is imperative I have something good to read such as Topoi. Books are poor consolation, but nothing else works either when I am without V.

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