Just another night

Dear Diary,

My first night without V in four nights. She must be enjoying her time without me. I am such a drag. But we will talk about that later.

I caught a damned cold over the weekend. I do this every year. I forget to wear a sweater or jacket for several of those spring days when it is not all that warm. Bingo, I have a cold.

So, I went to Pippin’s tonight to have some Maker’s shots, hang with my friends, and watch some baseball on TV. That worked out spectacularly well. All my favorite guys were there except one. I drank hard, yet managed to leaver early, get to the store for some food and medicine, then get home in one piece.

I’m watching the Cubs lose to the Astros because of a Hunter Pence grand slam homerun earlier in the game. Damn. But enough of that, except to say the Cubs just lost.

I need to start a project called the Lynn Project. The project’s goal would be to make myself into someone who was worthy of V’s and my friend’s kindness and generosity towards me.

I can’t say anything right tonight. I miss V. The emotion crowds all other thoughts out.



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