Sharing the spring

We drive down country roads looking for the house where her family stayed on their vacations. She cannot find a landmark that will take here there. Then we she begins to recognize houses. She eventually finds the property. The house lies down a steep slope from the road and hidden from view by the trees surrounding it. Off the the road is a shed with a gas tank beside it. She tells me that her brother and her used to sit astride it pretending it was a horse. She shows me the place where she trained her dog Caz. She goes on with her childhood memories.

She drives me to her grandfather’s farm. We park by an abandoned trailer.

We walk to a bar called Alibi’s in Cazenovia her parents and grandfather frequented with her and her brother. Except for a woman playing a slot machine and a young man playing another game, we are the only customers there for a long time. We eat juicy tasty cheeseburgers. She drinks rum and coke. I drink Pabst for a change of pace.

She leans into me, her face smiling. She says she has never been happier than to be in the place where she spent the happy summers of her childhood. I don’t tell her that have never been happier either, sharing her happiness on a beautiful spring day with nothing to do but reminisce, watch TV, and enjoy a cold beverage.

I wonder if she could tell there is nowhere I ever wanted to be than there with her.

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