End of the line

OK, I will get this out of the way. V and I are no longer romantically involved. I hurt her deeply. She rightly and justifiably wants to break it off. I wish I had the heart and courage to tell the details, but I don’t.

She still wants to be my friend. She has a big, kind, and generous heart. Her offer of friendship is way more than I deserve.

My heart is crushed. Her love was the most special thing in my life, ever. I brought on this pain, a pain that will continue until the day I die. From now on my pain will be my own concern and nobody else.

Life goes on. Or maybe, just a pale imitation of life goes on?

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  1. Sorry about that.

  2. anvilcloud,

    Thanks. My biggest fuckup, ever.

  3. Well, Lynn, as you say, Life goes on, and it does. You already know that.

    18 months ago, my daughter (the young mother of two sons) died of cancer. And life still goes on.

    Of course, general statements don’t count. Pain is always personal.

    I know you’ll deal with it.

    Keep blogging.

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