Just another last night

Went to the local bar last night. Drank hard. Had dinner at Devon’s with M. Went to the Jagz show with Billy. When we got back to the bar, I was wasted–too wasted to drink anymore. I stood alone outside the bar entrance leaning on a railing hoping my motor coordination would improve and my thoughts would clear. I walked home without going inside for a drink or saying goodbye or seeing if I already had a tab running.

The coffee tastes like shit today. Everything tastes like shit.

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  1. How was the concert at least?! I wish I could have gone with you…

  2. V,

    They put on a good show. Luci and her boyfriend were there. Devon, Jim, Megan, and Jamie showed up too. They drew a nice crowd for that time of night on a Thursday and location.

    I wish you had gone with me too. Let’s definitely hang out together this weekend. I miss you.

    I am glad I did not do anymore drinking afterwards. I’d have eventually passed out on the floor. I hope I did not stiff Gaby and Jimmy for a tab. Oh well, they know I’m good for it and more. 🙂

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