Brussels and Prague

She wants me to go to Brussels and Prague with her this fall. She’ll even pay my airfare with the airline mileage points she’s earned. After all these years …

We travel well together. She’s still my good friend. She’s an attractive woman. It seems she has not aged a day in the 13 years I’ve known her.

If I go, I will want to piece together the history of her time apart from me. Who was the man she left me for? Why did he really leave her? (Certainly, it cannot be because he wanted to find a Christian woman.) How did she feel when he died a year later? Was that the dawn of her renewed interest in me and new found appreciation of me, the one who understood her quirks and gave her space for them? And why Brussels and Prague? I haven’t asked her about those cities. I’d have to approach these questions obliquely and the truth would be told slant.

The enterprise intrigues me. How much am I willing to pay for a part of the Truth?

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