I have been playing a couple of computer chess programs at the easy or fun level. They both tap into sophisticated opening databases, far more sophisticated than my meager opening knowledge. However, if I can weather the opening storm, I can beat them easily, for at the easiest levels they don’t see obvious tactical and mating patterns. For instance, I just beat Shredder at the easy level, by setting up a quick eight move mating net that took less than a minute without me giving much thought as to what I was doing.

Now, the hard levels are an entirely different story. I don’t give the computer programs much of a game.

I’ve been playing human opponents on Google’s no frills system. Many times, I play opponents who apparently don’t know any opening theory or principles. That gives me an immediate edge. As soon as I see an unorthodox move during opening play, I look for the flaw that will eventually win the game for me. It usually works too unless I am not concentrating.

I have been playing chess again since last October. Yesterday, as I was deep in thought about life, love, and fortune in general, I wondered how good I’ll be five or ten years if I take the game seriously and keep playing regularly. All I know is that I really would like to be a lot better than I am now.

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