I finished reading Wood’s How Fiction Works. A nice read with fascinating conjectures about fiction. Wood starts his book with opinions and explanations about point of view. He tells how once in conversation with W. G. Sebald, a writer I greatly admire, Sebald told him that convincing third person omniscient point of view was no longer possible, or even preferable given that the age in which we live suspects all attempts at a view from nowhere. (My interpretation without quotation, me being the lazy soul I am.)

That puts me in mind of the first draft of the novel I recently finished. I attempted third person omniscient voice, but realized towards the end of writing that draft that my attempt at reason while writing it destroyed any meaningful effect. I am a product of my age and time. I do not wear The View From Nowhere well.

I have reached the age of memoir even if covered in the facade of fiction of the most gross and rank kind. I wake each morning with a thirst to write if only a little. I wriite until the thirst is slaked. It is my passion. I should put it in my writing, yet I keep holding back.

I had a friend tell me last night her mother thought I was just a drunk. Of course, I am a drunk. But is anybody just a drunk? I wonder if she told her mom about all the mornings when I rise early to write a few words, words most likely no one will read, and at the end of it all my reward is abject despair at how magnificently I’ve failed.

Oh well, from here on out I will never attempt The View From Nowhere. I’ll try to let my passion do the talking. On October 3rd I’ll start working on the second draft of that novel. It is going to be damned difficult getting that fucked up third person omniscient voice out of it.

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