Yesterday in Paris

I spent a good deal of the day exploring Paris neighborhoods. I like the train system here. I found myself close by the Louvre in the afternoon, so I looked at more of the art. Then I ate an excellent dinner at the hotel.

I go back to Amsterdam tomorrow for one more night of weed. Then home. Big sigh!

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Jealousy and Proust

I’m reading Proust’s The Captive. The narrator has installed his beloved, Albertine, in the bedroom next to his in his apartment in Paris. He is insanely jealous of her and thinks she is a Lesbian, yet the idea of marrying her revolts him.

Can there be love without jealousy? Proust is blowing me away. He touches so many nerves and forces many recollections I’d rather keep buried.

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The Paris hotel

The hotel is elegantly decorated art deco style. My room is big and expensive. My window opens on a a courtyard with a beautiful garden.

Right now, while I sit in the hotel lounge, two young women hang their heads from an attic apartment window across the street and sing into the gentle Paris night.

Who knows, Elizabeth Bishop may have been right: god loves us all.

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Sunday in Paris

Dawdled over breakfast. Spent over two hours this afternoon in one wing of the Louvre. I saw David’s paintings last, which is exactly what I went to see. I was fortunate enough to see his The Death of Marat in Belgium.

Now, I’m drinking in the hotel lounge and feeling I’m on sensory overload from all the art I’ve seen on the trip so far.

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Saturday night in Paris

Went to the Left Bank to do some drinking; I’m staying in the 8th arrondissement. Took the train.back to the hotel before getting too shitfaced. Read some Proust before nodding off to sleep.

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On the terrace

Yes, I’m sitting on a hotel terrace high above the street on a warm cloudless late afternoon and reading Proust in Paris. And I wonder how life could be any better. Bringing Proust to read in Europe was a stroke of genius on my part, for reading Proust is always an act of forgetting and remembering for me, and certainly longing and desire overcome me.

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In Paris

I’m in Paris and drinking Leffe beer on the terrace of the VIP lounge at my hotel 6 stories above the street. It is warm and sunny here. A beautiful young woman faces me at the table next to mine. We make eye contact as we smoke our cigarettes. It is 1700 hours. Damn, I am so looking forward to a good dinner and a Saturday Parisien night.

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Off to Paris

Saturday morning in Brussels. Ready to leave for Paris. I’m staying in a neighborhood some blocks from the Arche de Triomphe. I will visit the art museums and spend time wandering aimlessly and foraging for food and beverage. Until then, bon jour.

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last night in Brussels

Bruges was great on a warm sunny afternoon. My touring focus has been on art and the churches. Bruges did not disappoint.

Leaving for Paris tomorrow morning. Have to pack and drink some Stella before going to bed.


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In Bruges

I’m sitting in some bar on the Market Square in Bruges after a busy day of seeing the sights. I mean what’s the point of going to Bruges if you don’t sample the Bruges brewed beer? I hope I don’t lose track of time here and miss the last train to Brussels.

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To Bruges

I’m off to Bruges after some breakfast. These days of travel now hurtle by. I feel even more adrift than some days in Chicago.

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the banged up Brussels tourist

How I returned to the hotel from the bar last night I do not know. However, my gloomy health this morning did not deter me from a full day of touring beautiful Brussels.

I spent over three hours in the Royal ancient and modern art museums, excellent collections. As I walked the rooms, I meditated on the connections between Eros and art. At lunch in the museum cafeteria I discussed with a young Brussels woman the extent of the average person’s speaking vocabulary and how many words one must learn in a new language if one wanted to communicate effectively. We thought it might be 3 to 5 hundred words. I must look it up.

I’m travelling to Bruges tomorrow for the day, so I am staying in tonight with a six pack of Stella even though I found a good chess club today.

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Communist Manefesto

I walked by the place where Marx and Engles worked on the Communist Manifasto while I was touring in Brussels today. Kind of a Mecca for me.

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A Brussels Wednesday night

I am in some Brussels’ bar, sitting at a table by the window, readng Proust In the half light, drinking Stella, smoking cigarettes, and wondering if the weed haze I’m in will ever fade. A weird electronic version of Amazing Grace plays on the bar speaker system. I am alone, spiritually beret except for my Proust, and for right now exactly where I want to be.

One more Stella, please.

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In Brussels

My first full day in Brussels. I did lots of touring during the day, so much my feet are still sore. I would llove to tell you what sights I have seen, but that is a story for another day, for telling how the sun glints off the spire’s of the cathedrals or the towers of the palais requires more than I can do on iPhone.

So, I retired to my hotel room after a heavy day of touring. I smoked one of those big fat Amsterdam joints, dined at the hotel, sat at the hotel bar, ripped down three double Knob Creek bourbons with various Belgium beer backups, and now, I am smoking another fat joint in my room. And for some reason I feel I must return to the Brussels evening, even though chomatose, even knowing I can’t drink or smoke the woman with the dark hair off my mind.

But life goes on. Things tend to even out. And this joint I’m smoking is getting way short. Time to hit the city.

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In Brussels

I’m in Brussels. It is probably a good thing. Smoking weed and drinking to excess has my brain more addled than usual, and as we well know, that is bad.

Anyway, what I’d really like to do tonight is find a chess cafe that serves alcohol and play some chess. Wierd-O-Rama, huh?

Anyway, the hotel bar has Stella beer and a virtually untapped bottle of Knob Creek whiskey crying out to end it’s virginity. If I had had the presence of mind to bring a chess set with me, I could have set it up at a table, and I would bet some weary traveler would have challenged me to a game. The only thing missing would be the weed.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day filled with touring. It wouldn’t hurt to get some sleep for a change.

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6 PM Amsterdam Time

Another busy day of smoking, drinking, and touring. Golly, I’m stoned. But I leave for Brussels tomorrow, So, I am going to get my last licks in tonight.

I’ve grown quite fond of Amsterdam. However, thIs place would be the death of me if I lived here.

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No plan

The sun rises in Amsterdam. I have no idea what I’ll do today except smoke, drink, and read some Proust. Always having a touring plan is a drag. I don’t think I can go to another museum.

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Alive in Amsterdam

After a night of extreme excess in Amsterdam, I wake early not knowing how I returned to the hotel.

Time to prepare for another day of fun.

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Saturday night in Amsterdam

I’m on a combined bar/coffeehouse crawl: a beer, some smoke, etc. Of course, I have been stoned since 6 AM this morning, but I walked and toured a lot today anyway. This probably is the last of my wi-fi connections until I get back to my hotel at which time I’ll probably be too wrecked to say, goodnight.

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Saturday morning in Amsterdam. I’ll spend the morning seeing the museums and sights. In the afternoon, I’ll explore the coffeehouses. The days already take on a pattern.

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I am at the Abraxis Coffee House in Amsterdam: stoned. I’m sighning off for now.

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At the airport

At the airport, waiting for my flight to Amsterdam, and all of a sudden realizing Sebald’s style feels like Proust’s. But this is just the first of my trip postcards, so I won’t go into that.

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a shitload

Going to Europe on Wednesday. Jeez, I have have a shitload of stuff to do before then. A confluence of events conspires against me. Things always seem to happen all at once to we untidy people.

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Who’s a Communist?

I was driving to Iowa surfing through the AM radio stations for a broadcast of the Iowa vs. Iowa St. football game. I ran into the Savage radio talk show. Savage was implying Obama is a Communist. Are you kidding Savage? Obama is a slicker Capitalist than McCain could ever hope to be.

I’m sure that is a point lost on the Rednecks who comprise Savages’s core audience. Just like capitalism, they don’t know what communism is either.

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