I stayed out late last night at the bar playing chess nonstop for over five hours. The bar became crowded around midnight as the hotel, bar, and restaurant workers made their way in for drinks before going home. Several men came up to the board and mentioned how they enjoyed the game. Then they did things no real chess player would do such as recommending moves to the players, pounding the bar next to the board, and demanding a game after we finished the current one. Chess brings out the immaturity in some men. It is not pretty to see.

Another form of immaturity some men display at bars is interrupting the conversation between a man and woman who are obviously, family, friends, or lovers. What self respecting woman would entertain that sort of loutish, childish, and blatantly sexual advance? Oh well, some people have a compulsive need to seek attention one way or another. Of course, feelings of sexual inadequacy fueled by too much alcohol brings out the seamier side of the compulsive attention getter.

Bars are not always the appropriate place for chess or romance if a person wants to be successful with or gratified by either. One should only blame oneself when attempting enterprises which run foul when drinking at the bar.

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