Another warm day but overcast. I have a cold I cannot get rid of. My mind struggles to create a happy ending to several crises in my life. I set my expectations for a happy ending too high. I should create a narrative that helps me survive instead.

The days of wandering through European museums with B. seem like ages ago. Before the trip, I was skeptical whether we could renew our friendship the way it was. We had a silent tacit agreement that we would not try to renew a romance. I didn’t know how well I would hold my part of the bargain. As you well know, I was on the rebound and reeling. However, we renewed our friendship almost naturally from the moment we met at O’Hare airport. The romance thing did not arise once on the trip. One night we even talked about V. B. said, you sound as if you still love her. I admitted I did, but explained that even if I had the chance to renew a romantic relationship with her I wouldn’t.

Maybe, today’s narrative should be about wandering with a friend. Maybe, some part of each day’s narrative should be devoted to constructing a tale about wandering on some mysterious journey with a friend where wonders appear almost magically on the road and are shared.

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