I’m in Iowa. The sun is sinking, flooding light across the barren fields.. It seems as if this is the second time it has set today. Such are some days when good men die.

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Forgetting and Remembering

Given enough time, we all will forget just about anything. Years later, if we want to write about it, we will be hard pressed to recall. Yet we should not wait for time to erase memories we no longer wish to have. We should immerse ourselves in things that tax the mind. Abstract problems such as we find in philosophy or mathematics come to mind and might do the trick.

Of course, there is the other way. If we have been involved in an emotional experience that we yearn to forget, we can always trade that off for another emotional experience, some intense desire, that helps us forget. I wonder though. Does the emotiional experience work as quickly and as harshly ss meditating on abstact things?

There is no god. A priori knowledge is hard to come by. We live in our little closed worlds. How much freedom we have remains the only question. Can we make ourselves forget or remember, and how?

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Geometry and Death

The days have grown unseasonably mild. I fill them with my geometry researches as much as possible. My melancholy fades.

I look at geometry in my own unique way. For the uninitiated it would seem that mathematics is something carved in granite, something not alterable. However, basic mathematics arises from our mental system and its experience of the world. After that, it is all imagination–metaphor through and through.  Granite turns to putty.  We shape it for our pleasure.

I tell myself I am writing a geometry book. That adds discipline to the study and research. “I want it to be right, and interesting too, don’t I?”

OK, I’m writing a geometry book. I think I will self publish it. I’ll sell it on I’ll let Google digitize it. I’ll live beyond my time. Euclid would think of me as one of his own.

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Geometry and Melancholy

So, I am sitting in the Starbuck”s a block from where I live. The coffee tastes fine this morning. While I sip, I research material for a geometry book I am contemplating writing. Geometry is where my head has been at lately. It has driven a good share of brutal melancholy away. If for no other reason, spending the time on it has been worth it.

Maybe, some other thoughts will come, but for now, this paltry bit of independent scholarship soothes me.

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Heaven for a day

Spent the day and night thinking about axiom systems and models for various geometries and working hard on my next chess moves. Life seems like heaven.

I’m sure something bad will happen tomorrow. Heaven is often only for a day. Things tend to even out for me.

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