Geometry and Death

The days have grown unseasonably mild. I fill them with my geometry researches as much as possible. My melancholy fades.

I look at geometry in my own unique way. For the uninitiated it would seem that mathematics is something carved in granite, something not alterable. However, basic mathematics arises from our mental system and its experience of the world. After that, it is all imagination–metaphor through and through.  Granite turns to putty.  We shape it for our pleasure.

I tell myself I am writing a geometry book. That adds discipline to the study and research. “I want it to be right, and interesting too, don’t I?”

OK, I’m writing a geometry book. I think I will self publish it. I’ll sell it on I’ll let Google digitize it. I’ll live beyond my time. Euclid would think of me as one of his own.

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  1. Lynn,

    maybe i’ll buy. then probably i will like your geometry. ^o^


  2. Geometry was the only branch of maths I did well at at school, but that was probably too elementary.

  3. Steve –

    I did not not get interested in it until after I finished my college mathematics education. I checked out Euclid’s Elements from the local library and got interested.

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