The shape of life

I’m back listening to Boot Liquor radio.  Come full circle.  Sometimes, I wish life had a different geometric shape.

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A Sighting

So, what happened to V?  Well, I had one of my occasional V sightings last night, and as usual quite unexpectedly at the bar.  Of course, my heart went thump, thump, thump.

She’s moved on to other men and looks for the one of her dreams.  As for me, it is the usual tonic of beer and whiskey, which ain’t working so well as far as getting her off my mind.  And for sure, the chance meeting with a Stray Dog.  I’ll have to admit my Stray Dogs have not been half bad lately.  It remains a mystery why they attach themselves to a miserable broken down fuck like me if only for a little while.

I miss V.  What else is there to really say?

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She’s a First Lieutenant in the Army newly returned from Iraq.  She’s going through a divorce these first few weeks back in country.  She’s sitting across the table from me at a nice restaurant.  She is at turns charming and a little gross.  (I did not need to know about her fucking a guy on a barroom floor.)

I’m more gross than her.  I have no words that comfort her.

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Prelude to a deluge?

OK, we have been suffering from writer’s block at State Street, also known as laziness.  Maybe, just maybe, it is over.

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Hump Day Postcard

It is the third night of the five nights of St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. Stray Dogs abound. Life is OK. The only thing I fear is that reality may set in one day.

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Desire, symmetry, and surveying the landscape

I was sitting in the Starbuck’s down the block early this morning and working on some problems to do with the Poincare complex half plane model of geometry when I realized I was sitting in alone in Starbuck’s with the whole place to myself. I wonder if my life has not been a journey to some place I have all to myself. I hope not. However, having a brand new Starbuck’s all to oneself on a Sunday morning seems an extravagance only to be realized once in a lifetime.

As for models of geometry and mathematics in general, what do I make of my interest in that? The details don’t interest me as much as surveying the landscape and getting a view of the terrain. Knowing that an axiom system for hyperbolic geometry is categorical (all models of the axioms are isomorphic) seems a more interesting fact than the sum of the angles of triangles being less than 180 degrees. I would rather stand on the peak of higher abstraction and overarching theory than trod across the plains and identify the species of flowers. I’ve always admired people who can do both: survey the particular and the universal.

Maybe, what weaves the particular and universal together is the search for symmetry. Symmetry delights us no matter what form in which it may come. It fulfills a desire. And part of desire is hoping our desire will be reflected back at us. We don’t want our desire to be a place we have all to ourselves.

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Someday soon

My stepfather died this past week.  I judge him a good man overall.  Anyone who took as good care of my mother as he did with mine stands tall with me.

Now that my father, mother, and stepfather are gone, and most of my aunts and uncles, I can’t help but think about my own passing, or the passing of my generation, the next generation  designated for extinction.  I am filled with this you’re-next feeling this cold snowy Sunday morning.  The great beyond awaits me.

Sunday morning grants us time to think about what is eternal and what not.  I wish our arts, sciences, and philosophies would survive us, but I fear they too will decay and fall to ruin.  The immense forces working in the world violates everything; nothing lasts forever.

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