The questions always remain

A serious and obsessive reading of geometry over the winter has left me with a notebook full of unanswered questions and partially understood proofs and models. The time for reading is over and the time for thinking begins.

So, it is back to reading philosophy to repeat the cycle of documenting questions and ill understood arguments for ill understood ideas–merely another realm of confusion.

One day I’ll die and those who knew me will say: he did not know much at all. He was who he thought he wasn’t.

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Fantasy time again

The baseball season starts today which means fantasy baseball season starts also.  Hope returns in many different disguises.

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She spends a lot of time in Poland and India now. She sends me postcards from her travels. That’s her way of saying she loves me. She only uttered those words once to me all the time I have known her. And that was during a passionate moment. She’s in India, Poland, California, or wherever, yet I still love her too.

I think of her by the ocean somewhere in the world and writing postcards to me. Warm waves lap upon her feet at the edge of the ocean. I know it is the height of egotism, but I want those warm waves lapping upon her feet to remind me of her. I want her to think that it is just the way I made her feel when we were truly in love.

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Love and models

I’ve been studying my geometry hard.  I’m beginning to feel comfortable with Non-Euclidean geometry, (finally), especially with the Betrami-Klein model of it.

I’m beginning to feel the next love of my life is just around the corner.  Come on, Queenie, let’s get with it.

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