More about stray dogs

They show up every now and then. They sit down on the bar stool next to you and ask if you remember them. You can place the face, but not the name or exactly when it was when they showed up the first time. Invariably, they are from out of town. So, you hang out with them–go to dinner, etc.

Before it is all over, the good ones, smite your heart. You wish they did not live so far away. And the ones that kiss so well are the big poison.

Life, as most almost everything else, is random, but there is method in it. Shoot enough arrows at a target and you will score a bulls eye every now and then. It’s all a question of making the bulls eye larger or shooting arrows more accurately if you want to be good.

You see her lying there–sleeping gently–just before you leave. You want to be next to her for the rest of the night. It is a good thing she doesn’t live close by. You might fall in love again.

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  1. Would you remember me if I showed up again and sat next you at the bar? I wonder…

  2. Of course I would. I’m sitting in the dark at home thinking about you right now. You are my little runaway and always my beloved.

  3. Awts! Sweet..

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