He scores

I score a lot of baseball games whether at the park, at home, or in the bar.  I use scorecards and 8 1/2 x 11 paper too.  I was sitting in the bar on Wednesday May 13 waiting for Cubs/Padres game to start when I got the urge to score the game.  Not having paper at hand, I walked to the Walgreen’s on Chicago and Michigan and bought a notebook.  I scored the game in the notebook.

I have a system that allows me to capture much of a game on lined notebook paper.  When completed it looks like a combination of play-by-play melded with box score even though it does not capture all the events.  My notation can’t be deciphered by most since much of it is nonstandard.  However it’s perfect for little old indolent me.

I’ve logged a lot of games so far this season in my notebook.  The digital age makes it unnecessay to do that kind of thing.  You can look up every game up on the Internet and get the details.  But using paper and pencil intrigues me still.

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