Numbers and arithmetic …

Something you can play with while pretending you are doing something meaningful.  Let’s call them toys.

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My long hair is tangled this morning; so is my mind.  I am an unrepentant bundle of desires.  And I’ll be damned if I can figure who I am.

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The odd and the symmetric

This week’s serious reading will be devoted to Borges’ fictions.  We’ll also concentrate on symmetries too.

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A long long time

During the past two weeks I watched the whole of Battlestar Galactica again.  It aroused deep emotions.  For reasons lacking explanation, each episode reminded me what it is like to spend an eternity without V.

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Oh, for a voice

This morning, I finished writing the third draft of a novel.  I’ve been working on the damned thing for almost two years.  It hurts me to write it.  Every pleasure or pain I have felt in my life spills upon the pages.

Now, the thing has to be rewritten again in another draft, for the third draft is just not good enough.  A blurred vision of what the novel should be emerges, but it lacks a voice to tell the story.  A narrative with a blurred vision and lacking a voice is home made shit.

Some days, I would give just about anything for a voice.

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Let’s pretend

That guy asked me if you were my boyfriend.  I told him yes.

That’s a game I can easily play.  Being her pretend boyfriend is better than nothing.

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Possible worlds: part one

Where would we be if Choderlos de Laclos had not concocted his Les Liasons Dangereuses?

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A little darkness

This guy once told  me, things always look darkest before the lights go totally out–one of the few things anyone ever told me that stuck.

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End of the line

She’s 25 years old.  She opens up her mother’s dress shop in a small town out on the great prairie.  At the same time, he steps off the train in her small little shitty town.  For some odd reason, he feels as if this is the end of the line.

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What lasts?

(No more extra credit math assignments for right now.)

Sometimes, a proof is not enough.  We must have a clear vision.  The vision must be esthetically pleasing.  Even when a proof will not come, the vision of where the difficulties lie sustain us.  After all, we will most likely never arrive at the end of the great beyond.

So what?  Love comes and goes.  But the beauty of a good vision is forever.

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Math extra credit 3

How many twin primes are there?

Happy hunting.P

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Totally …

Let’s say you want to run away from your heart.  Let’s say you can’t.

Then you are totally fucked.

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Top of mind

Some questions nag and persist.  Why are there many  seemingly easy questions about the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, … that have not been resolved?  I suppose much of mathematics as we know it would not exist if the easy problems to state were also easy to resolve.

I can’t put the question out of mind this week.  That leads to another unanswered question: why?

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Math extra credit problem 2

Can every even number be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers?  If so, prove it.  If not, provide a factored counterexample.

If you can’t resolve the question, Google Christian Goldbach and Leonard Euler and turn in a short report about them for partial credit.

Or cop a plea.  Explain why you are not necessarily innumerate just because you could not resolve this seemingly trivial problem.

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Math extra credit assignment 1

OK, Kids, it’s back to school time.  We at State Street know you want to impress your math teacher, so we have come up with some extra credit assignments and questions to do exactly that.  Here’s the first one.

Are there any odd perfect numbers?  If you find one, show it factored and summed.  If there isn’t one, just prove it.

Happy hunting.

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The Gist

I don’t follow mainstream politics much anymore.  The gist of the story comes all too easily.  President Obama bails out a lot of rich failed corporate executives.  And the economy for Joe and Jane Average sucks.  The lunatics in the Republican Party vilify President Obama as a Communist even though he rescued their precious “free market” system better than they ever could.

Meanwhile, more troops die in Iraq while everybody goes to the shopping mall not giving a damn.

Don’t bother me with details.  Just top line it for me.

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I don’t know what came over me last night.  I started to respect myself again.  But it’s a long story I won’t tell now.  I just might someday though.

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San Bernadino Mountains

She’s at her cabin in Big Bear Lake this week.  I remember those idle afternoons sitting in the sun and reading on her back porch there.  Something seemed so right about the universe back then.  Maybe, it was because I still felt young.

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On poetry

I hate to say this because it sounds small and mean spirited.  But if you have to teach someone how to read poetry, you’ve wasted your time with them.  It seems too much like explaining what a Hank Williams song means.  If poems don’t seep into your blood, you’ll never know.

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More negation

When I’m gone they will say, clever books bewitched and beguiled him most.  Or more probably, they’ll say nothing at all.

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Life began anew yesterday.  The usual dull throbbing pain was gone.  Memory received a new coat of varnish.

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