Oh, for a voice

This morning, I finished writing the third draft of a novel.  I’ve been working on the damned thing for almost two years.  It hurts me to write it.  Every pleasure or pain I have felt in my life spills upon the pages.

Now, the thing has to be rewritten again in another draft, for the third draft is just not good enough.  A blurred vision of what the novel should be emerges, but it lacks a voice to tell the story.  A narrative with a blurred vision and lacking a voice is home made shit.

Some days, I would give just about anything for a voice.

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  1. Lynn, you are to be commended for even trying so bravely to write a novel – and also for being so self-critical. I would certainly like to have a peek. Why not share a portion? Put away all your doubts and reservations.

    AND: You have found a voice!

    I have been listening to it for several years.

    Of course, you mean a narrative, novelistic one, but you have already shown a talent for writing. I know. I have a degree in literature and make my living teaching it.

  2. Orla –

    Once again, you are more than kind and generous. I’ll give you some of the fourth draft of my latest when I start to get it right.

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