Queer Evangelists, Palin, and other disturbing elements

I read Max Blumenthal’s Republican Gomorrah, an in depth and well organized exploration of the excesses of the Fundamentalist and Evangelist Christian movement and how they shattered the Republican Party.  Whether you are on the Left or Right, it might make you queasy as you read it.  However, this isn’t a book review.  You can Google book reviews until your heart is content without my help.

James Dobson, the wannabe kingmaker of the Republican Party  (or queenmaker anyone?) is at the heart of the story.  But what fascinated me most is to discover the depth and amount of homosexuality and sexual deviancy of many of these Evangelist Christian leaders.  I’m talking about people who have spent their lives trying to squelch gay rights and consign gay  souls to the depths of Hell according to their religious view of the universe.  The central thesis of the book is that the movement is one of crisis.  For those fallen in the flock, all they have to do is repent to the father leader and all will be forgiven if they resume their onslaught against gay rights, women’s rights, and others who don’t support their version of the Conservative agenda.  The argument is well made that this movement is a party and religion of enablement similar to other forms of addiction and fear of acting freely.

The book concludes with several chapters about Sarah Palin and how her nomination and campaign assured the Republicans loss last year.  Those chapters alone are worth reading just to get a sense of what a wacko she is when it comes to her fundamental beliefs.   I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil the ending.

If Republicans think Palin can withstand any reasoned scrutiny for President of the United States, they might be in for a surprise.


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