Canada vs. USA hockey

It was a honey of a hockey game.  Many congratulations to my Canadian friends.  I never thought I’d be into a hockey game like I was with that one.

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Why does Saturday still seem like Saturday?

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The age of simplicity

A small canvas bag containing a roll-up analysis chess board and pieces, a pocket chess set, a chess book, another book for reading, a Bic pen, a notebook, and a pocket diary: life is simple.

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I was playing chess with a friend this afternoon, on the clock, and my time was running out.  I looked up from the board, rubbed my eyes, sighed, said finger fuck to myself, and looked back down at the board, then discovered I had forced checkmate in five moves.

I won the game before the flag fell.  I’m still wondering where those moves came from and why I saw them.

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Blow lonesome whistle

The train rumbling across the tracks in the distance still resonates.  The best sleeping narcotic–ever.  Too bad it’s all gone as is the silence before the train was invented.

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Free fall

I thought I was in free fall other times before, but now I’m really in free fall.  You land hard eventually after free fall.  For now though, it feels so good.

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Who are you?

I have this thought.  Since the dawn of humanity as we know it, there have been people who have ideas and arguments for them.  Then there all the others who are bereft of one of the two, or both.

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Facebook and paragraphs

Even one paragraph seems too long to write these days.  I blame Facebook.

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Those summer rainy days

Why is it that I can still hear the summer rain patter on the top of our trailer roof at night, hear the train rolling down the tracks, out in the distance, rolling outside our little one horse town, and remember falling asleep just because that even we were so bereft, so destitute back in those days when the only book I had to read was my mother’s white leather bound King James version of the New Testament and still, to this day, hear those sounds, and hear those words that comfort me because my mother told me I did not yet know what was true?

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Drunk chess and blueberry pie

A few games of blitz chess.  He has had far less to drink than I did tonight, but he’s way more drunk.  I crush him.  I go home and eat the last slice of blueberry pie.

I meditate in the dark about how much I love drunk chess–and blueberry pie for that matter.

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Hush: part one

One of the most silent days of the whole year is the Monday after the Super Bowl.  Thank you, Chicago, for being quiet for a change.

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