Game two of the Stanley Cup Finals. Let’s go Blackhawks. Yeh-ah!

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The second time around: part whatever

I started reading The Name of the Rose again.  It’s been so long since I first read it that it is all fresh and much better than the first time.

A medieval Sherlock Holmes philosopher clashes with the true forces of evil in the world–religious zealots.

Too bad postmodernism has gone by the wayside.  It had its works of genius.

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In Astrakhan

After five and one half hours of chess play in Astrakhan, the Radjabov/Yue match ends in a draw.  Radjabov earns a position in the playoffs to challenge for the world championship.

The final round of the US chess championship starts at two Central time.  Should be some good chess coming out of that thing too.

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Drifting and dreaming part 5,000

A night warm and gentle.  A night for drifting and dreaming.  A night for knowing, deep down, you are who you think you ain’t.

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Lower than whale shit

I’ll admit it. I’ve been writing more on Facebook than my blog. I feel so cheap and tawdry.

Fuck it. I’ve been feeling lower than whale shit for a long time. And the sad part of it is I don’t why.

And postcard lenghth streches my two brain cells. So, Facebook works.

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Mad with chess

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I went frantically mad with chess.  I bought a chess-board.  I bought Il Calabrese. I shut myself up in my room and spent days and nights there with a will to learn all the games by heart, to cram them into my head willy-nilly, to play alone without end or remission. After two or three months working in that fine way, and after unimaginable endeavours, I went to the Cafe with a lean and sallow face, and nearly stupid. I made a trial, playing with Monsieur Bagueret again. He beat me once, twice, twenty times.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Lost in Chicago

My head, this morning, tells me I celebrated my birthday hard yesterday.  But the good news is that I remembered to renew my drivers license and my picture didn’t turn out half bad for a geezer.

And I’m in first place in all my fantasy baseball leagues.  Hope I don’t jinx myself by saying that.

Now, back to jammin’ to a Bryan Adams CD.

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Colder by the lake

Listening to Boot Liquor Radio, writing his memoirs, he glances out the window and for the first time feels he might live another 30 years.

A chill runs through him.

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At some point he must have slept.  When daylight came, the room felt so empty it was empty even of him.

Wolf House, Hilary Mantel

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