Freight Train

Portugal 7, North Korea 0.  OK, it has now been scientifically proven.  A picket fence can’t stop a freight train running at full speed.

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Insomnia part whatever

Woke at 1 AM.  Couldn’t get back to sleep so I played chess on the Internet the rest of the night.

I like this time of year.  The sky grows light before 5 AM.

A gentle thunderstorm rolls across the city as I write this.  Three more hours until the World Cup begins.

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Hockey and football

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night.  They had not won that since 1961.  The obligatory celebration went on all night long.  I made the wise choice of watching the game at home even if I didn’t get a lot of sleep because of the ruckus out of doors.

However, the World Cup starts tomorrow.  I’ll be watching the Mexico vs. S. Africa match tomorrow morning.  Spain, Brazil, and England are the betting favorites.  I’m going to cheer for USA and Mexico for as long as they last.  They have to at least get into the knockout round.  Don’t they?

Plenty of good football coming up.

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The sacred and the relative

No text is sacred.  Sacred texts pervert truth by opening themselves to infinite interpretation, thereby, leaving themselves at the doorstep of truth relativism–the place they so vehemently despise.

We are always stuck with going our own way for good or ill.  Even when it comes to the word.

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A little about truth

Albertine lies to our protagonist(?).  His response is this once he discovers the lie.

The truth is the most cunning of enemies.  It delivers its attacks in the point of one’s heart where one was least expecting them and where one has prepared no defence(sic).


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Insomnia and death

Didn’t sleep a wink last night.  Dawn was upon me before I knew it.  And still, I’m not all that tired even though the next night has arrived.  Maybe, I am just afraid of death on these glorious long lived sunlit days and that’s what keeps me awake.

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Humid etc.

Humid.  Sweating humid.  Blackhawks lost another game.

But it’s all-night Friday chess coming up.  Me against the world.  I hope I win one this time around.

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