The sacred and the relative

No text is sacred.  Sacred texts pervert truth by opening themselves to infinite interpretation, thereby, leaving themselves at the doorstep of truth relativism–the place they so vehemently despise.

We are always stuck with going our own way for good or ill.  Even when it comes to the word.

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  1. That’s a precise and pregnant statement, Lynn. Thank you for that. Even the word “sacred” is a perversion, dragging the baggage of hundreds of years of religious superstition along with it. It’s so “overcoded” and yet meaningless that it obscures any “decoding”. As Kierkegaard once lamented, “I wish you could sometimes take words and concepts to the cleaner, and have them back, fresh and new.”

    Words like “God” and “truth” certainly need a good wash.

    Which words would you like to take to the laundrymat?

  2. Great Kierkegaard quotation. I’ll have to think for a spell about what I consider dirty laundry.

  3. Damn right, even Chuck Bukowski isn’t scared…

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