Gone Electronic

In advance of receipt of my iPad, I bought my first eBook from Barnes&Noble yesterday, Colin McGuinn’s Shakespeare’s Philosophy.  (I have downloaded a lot of free eBooks over the years.)  I sat in bed last night reading it on my iPhone with the Cubs radio broadcast of the baseball game in LA playing in the background on the phone.  (Gotta love the iPhone.)

I’ve always found McGinn an agreeable prose stylist.  I also find his take on Shakespeare’s skeptical(?) philosophy congenial.  McGinn doesn’t do literary criticism of Shakespeare’s work.  He sticks to Shakespeare the philosopher.

I’m already seeing the advantage of collecting an electronic library.  In the case of the McGinn book, I’ll have it plus the plays with annotations to the texts all collected in and accessible from one device no matter where I go.

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  1. Lynn, I’m intrigued by the book you mention Colin McGuinn’s Shakespeare’s Philosophy. If you have the time would you summarize the main points? You could use your iPad’s screen keyboard. My wife and I are currently travelling the U.S. and I played around with the iPad yesterday in an Apple Store and found the keyboard quite easy and fast to use. But to my surprise the iPad is really quite heavy to hold, at least in one hand. It’s better in your lap or propped up on a table. Tell me about your experience, please.

  2. I was tempted to buy one, though, but need a Danish keyboard, so I’ll have to wait 😦

  3. Orla-

    I am enjoying the McGinn book very much and I plan on writing about it when I finish it.

    I think my iPad will be here tomorrow. I will give you my reaction when I get acclimated. I can’t imagine it being heavier than trying to hold a hardback copy of War and Peace. 🙂 I thought about buying a keyboard for it, but want to see if it is necessary.

    I hope your travels in the USA go well.

  4. Just say no to the iPad…

    • Too late to say no. It arrived this morning.

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