New iPad

My new iPad arrived yesterday. I’m using the clunky WordPress app to write this.

I bought the 16 gig Wi-Fi only model. I already have buyer’s remorse over not buying the 64 gig model.

It’s heavier than I expected. However, I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream on it yesterday and I quickly realized that I always read with the book or my arms propped up on something, so it’s not a problem.

I touch type poorly. The keyboard is to small to allow me to do that. I’m using the two finger method for this post. You have to flip between at least two keypads to write because most of the special characters are not on the alpha keyboard, so touch typing is slow anyway. For $129 you can buy a regular keyboard with stand. For heavy duty writing I’ll still use the laptop.

I didn’t buy my iPad to store all my music, photos, or lots of movies. I’m a text person. Whatever music or photos I want to carry around will be on my iPhone. I’ll make selected and limited use for those on the iPad. Besides, syncing between three devices does not appeal to me.

Ok, so why did I buy the damned thing? I bought it for high quality text reading in all it’s various forms, Internet access outside home, and activities such as chess. I’m sure my usage will expand. After minimal time, I am really glad I got it.

By the way, don’t expect many long blog post from my iPad unless my typing skills improve dramatically.

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