Monday night. Bears vs. the Packers in Chicago. Everybody in the bar is yelling at the TV. My ears are ringing.

I’m playing some Vivaldi at low volume when I get home.

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Chess at oh-dark thirty

Woke at 3 AM to watch the start of round 6 of the World Chess Olympiad.  Playing the matches in Mongolia has ruined my sleep this past week.


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C and the feeling of what happens

As I had mentioned, I am reading C.  I like what happens.  But there ain’t no feeling about what happens.


Tell me how badly it feels when things go wrong.  Make me feel like you know me.

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Saskatoon part II

OK, pretend you are driving to Saskatoon tomorrow morning.  After all, you consider yourself a writer.

Make shit up.

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The novel sails

You are drifting and dreaming for the first time in a long time. (Feels good, actually.). Thoughts surface almost randomly–thoughts such as what is the future of the American novel.

The novel is not dead. It sails upon an infinite sea. That’s your feeling anyway.

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Lunch is beer and whiskey. I wonder what to read next. I download Tom McCarthy’s latest novel, C, which has gotten some interesting reviews. Two pages into it, I’m thinking this will be my kind of book–you know, adult.

I stop reading it because I’ve not completed my Latin exercises.

Discipline: that’s what’s made me a star.

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They burned the books, but the language survives

I will spend a good portion of  the day working on my Latin exercises.  One day, before I die, I’ll be reading Tacitus in the original.

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Time for Tea

This definition is going to sound very mean spirited.

Tea Party:  A bunch of rich white folks assisted by a bunch of poor white folks who don’t know how to vote their economic interests.

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Class Warfare

One of the more interesting political epithets thrown about is that someone is fomenting class warfare.  OK, I get it.  The poor ought to stay poor and the rich ought to stay rich.

So, let’s not rescind the tax breaks for the rich who profit from the government they so bitterly despise even though without that government they wouldn’t be rich in the first place.

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Red Sox at Mariners

Past midnight.  You are watching the Red Sox/Mariners baseball game on MLB.TV.  Both teams are out of the playoff hunt.

Maybe, you like baseball.

Or is it that the Cubs put another nail in the Cards coffin tonight?

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It’s 1311.5 miles from Pippin’s Tavern to Saskatoon, SK; 987.5 km from Saskatoon to Bozeman, MT; 1389.2 miles from Bozeman back to Pippin’s.

What if you jumped in a car and drove it before summer was officially over? Kinda impulsive, actually.

I should have never played “Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon” on the jukebox. Damn you, Guess Who.

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Golly, L

Let’s call her L. She’s been living in Michigan this summer, so I was surprised when she called and said she was at Pippin’s.

It was great seeing her again.

I know what you’re thinking, “Christ, Lynn, she’s only 21 years old.”. To which I reply, “I know, she’s kinda old for me.”

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A honey of a day in Chicago, watching college football, and thinking I haven’t been doing much blogging, I realize I’ve been mostly reading and playing chess–a lot.. Yawn. That’s me these days.

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